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Chastity - Live in Concert


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Same, same, but different...


© Hönnemann The 2013 xplore edition is dedicated to the theme of revival, repetition and return.

For strictly conceptual reasons (and not because we are maybe lazy or so...) we will therefore try to exactly reconstruct the 2012 edition: with the same workshops, the same presenters, the same schedule, the same audience (We count on all of you coming back!!).

Not only as the 2012 edition was enormous fun and due to the number of different workshops (42!) could only be appreciated partially. But we feel intrigued by the task of creating a time loop together with you and – in an ascetic-meditative approach - to once refrain from the appetite for the "New".

So all will stay the same, but actually will never be. Vertical expansion instead of linear progression this time. Deepening.

For you the question will be: Stay home or come back? Make the same workshop decisions as last year or try something different? To stick to your role on the xplore stage? To rework your character and appareance? Or to come back here with a completely new identity??

Welcome to our play ground!

Felix Ruckert, February 2013



Photo: © Peter Hönnemann