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Chastity - Live in Concert


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Welcome to xplore 2014!© Hönnemann

For this 11th edition of xplore Berlin I let myself be inspired by terms such as Mystery, Secret, Surprise and Adventure. I mostly invited presenters who I have never met, who I know little about, or who are not familiar with the xplore format. As theme-titles for their presentations I proposed several qualities or virtues that come up during artistic creation as well as in sexual contexts. I personally consider it essential to xplore and deepen these ideas: in the sense of developing ethical attitudes as well as providing tools for contemporary sorcery.

All workshops therefore merely have an inciting keyword as their title. The presenters will approach these concepts individually using their own personal techniques or methods.

Felix Ruckert, July 2014




The xplore 2014 is based on the theme „Mystery“.

The programme and the list of presenters will therefore be kept secret and only be revealed at the festival itself.

It is about letting go of expectations, about trusting blindly, about taking what comes: total submission.

Welcome to our play ground!

Felix Ruckert, March 2014


Photo: © Peter Hönnemann