xplore Berlin 2013

Chastity - Live in Concert


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The Workshops


The Workshops A-Z

FRIDAY: Sensual

Pressure for Pleasure Paradoxa
Presentation Mélanie Le Grand
On your Knees! Jytte
Mental Bondage delta®
Biting Meya Luna
Eros and Trance Jay
With a Grin Joker
Erotic GroupScape Maren Emde & Michael Hartenfels
Intimacy of Pain Ruby May
Latex - The Special Feeling Moira & Tua
We Thirst at First Marina Kronkvist
Sunset Massage Hagen
Nude Horse Riding Claudia & Roland
Naked Partner-Yoga Anja
Hold me tight Frank Taherkhani



Vaginal Fisting Lea
Novice Orgy Gabriela Tarcha
Ouroborus – From Tongue to Tail Kai Ehrhardt
Radical Anxiety Jane Harden
Squirting Christine Borch
Queening Caritia
Intimacy on the Screen Paola & Grzegorz
Humiliation Charmian
Cock Bondage Amalion
Sex Guru Maggie Tapert
Prostitution Mara
Lip Service Surjan
Mouth to Mouth Feeding Norah Nova
Genital Chi Udo Treide
Dirty Talk Ottokar Lehrner


SUNDAY: Emotional

Cutting the Umbilical Cord Shadow
Tears Felix Ruckert
Kinky Planets Vesna Ivkovic
BDSM is Therapy Andreas Demmel
Contact & Poly Christopher Gottwald
A Dance of Limits Atma Pöschl
SM in Performance Marie Golüke & Andreas Neu
Nothing Dr. Peter Banki
The Lesson Laudana
Mortality Matthias
I am your Mother Performance Project by Felix Ruckert
Polyamory: Be manifold! Cornelia Jönsson


This workshop list and the schedule is subject to change without special notice.


Unless otherwise specified, no workshops require nudity or fetish outfit. For most workshops loose fitting, comfortable clothes are appropriate.

All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body. Even though some workshops may be quite physical, sexual contact as such is in no way required to participate and enjoy.

As the event is designed for adults we must emphasise the importance of consideration and self responsibility. Therefore it is obvious that all interactions should be related to the basic principle of SAFE - SANE - CONSENSUAL and practised by Safer Sex. We will ban anyone immediately from the entire festival who offend against this rule, acts reckless or even gets molesting.

Please note: At some workshops it is asked to bring own material (blankets, towels, cushions, yoga mats, etc.) Please check on the respective workshop pages!