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Charmian has been living in Berlin for the last few years and is still excited about this city and the possibilities it offers. Her ability to analyze and think things through saved her life once and she loves her intellect. For the last few years Yoga, massage and body work have become more and more important – and she thinks that the most exciting things happen when you let your intellect and your body play together – and that is what she wants to explore further.





Humiliation in an erotic context is a body mind game par excellence and one of the aspects of BDSM that are quite difficult to define or to describe because it can be so many different things. What is perceived as humiliating can be very different for different people – and the border between what is still erotic for someone and where it becomes genuinely devastating is fluid. In addition to that, there is the longstanding interdependence between humiliation and elevation, between humility and greatness in our culture that is still shaped by Christianity and that has affected many of us in one way or another.

In the workshop we try to approach the topic through a combination of thinking, talking and trying things out on a practical level.