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Ruby May

Ruby May

Her Workshop:

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Ruby May is a British, Berlin-based sexpansionist, whose work as a Tantric dominatrix and sacred intimate combine sexuality and consciousness for personal growth and transformation. In her sessions and workshops she explores our relationship to themes such as shame, power, pleasure and pain and teaches consciousness as a gateway to creating more authenticity, intimacy and joy.




Intimacy of Pain

This workshop will explore pain play as a gateway into learning about energy, ‘chi’ or ‘life source’.

During this workshop we will deepen our exploration of using pain or intense sensation in order to cultivate and move energy around the body and gain insight into what patterns and strategies we have adopted in order to block or prevent the flow of life through us.
By looking at our individual reactions to pain we can receive valuable insight into our relationship with ‘life’ in general.

Developing more consciousness around this gives us the ability to make different choices to our habitual, learned coping strategies, allowing life to flow through us more freely and abundantly, bringing us more in alignment with our core and our power.