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Chastity - Live in Concert


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Her Workshop:

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Lea from Lower Saxony, completed a Diploma in Administration and Management and worked over a decade in a bureau. This career was not fulfilling and she began to experience herself and Berlin with it´s kinky side. During her exploration she made many intrinsic experiences in Energy Work, different self awareness skills and bodywork-techniques like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Contact Improvisation, in BDSM and much more...

Her second life started with studying Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology - becoming an Alternative Healer, followed by studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Western Herbology and various Therapeutic Techniques.

The combination of her well established medical knowledge, having a versatile sex-life and the strong desire to vitalize the sexual entity residing in others, inspired her to originate her own counselling establishment with a special focus on sexuality and teaching sexual techniques.

see more at: Lea Coaching and CoachLea




Vaginal Pleasure (Fisting)Lea-WS

Vaginal Pleasure (Fisting) is a variety of penetration - intensive and exceptional. Done with awareness and devotion it can give a special feeling of extension and being totally filled. And it can even have healing aspects. 

I am looking forward to offer this thrilling workshop (explaining, showing and guiding).

All interested can try it right away:

but you have to bring a partner and 1-2 large towels or some other underlayment with! (Lubricant and latex gloves are useful but not required)!

This Workshop will be in German Language!