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Chastity - Live in Concert


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Jay (born in 1978) has been playing with erotic hypnosis since 2006, and exploring BDSM and kink in theory and practice since almost two decades. Since many years he enjoys sharing his experience with others at festivals, seminars, or in individual classes. He holds a master of science from a UK university, and has augmented his intensive self-study with hypnosis trainings from TherMedius in Berlin and Hamburg.




Eros and TranceJay-WS

Erotic hypnosis allows us to enter erotic trances purposefully to alter our perception and our focus, influence our body beyond our conscious abilities, and thus to reach our unconscious (erotic) resources. This is not just an individual and dual phenomenon, but also has a social dimension. We explore this briefly in theory, but mainly through reciprocal exercise and a group experiment.

Attendees should choose comfortable clothing, and be open to a possibly erotic trance experience. They should be in good physical and mental health, and not under the influence of any drugs.

As to avoid disturbing the group, the doors will be closed once we have begun; please be on time.


We apologize, but this experience is only presented in German, and unfortunately cannot be translated in parallel.