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Chastity - Live in Concert


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Hagen has loved to tie up people for almost fifty years. Even as a boy, ropes, knifes and needles were more appealing to him than soccer and similars. His special favourites were "Interrogations" in dark cellars and playing "American indians", complete with dares and totem pole tortures.

Always searching for perfection, his studies have taken him to the Far East, where tying people became an art form.

In 2001 he founded "SAGA - Bizarre Kunst und Kulturwerkstatt" in Berlin out of a desire to unite art, craft and commerce on the base of a common erotic interest: BDSM.
In 2007 together with Osada Steve and Arlis he changed the SAGA into the Osada Kinbaku Dojo where they still give lessons in Japanese Bondgage on a high end level.

As a skilled master he also works at the AVALON, a professional S&M-Studio, where he teaches the art of bondage to curious couples and introduces women to the world of lust and pain.

For ten years he leaded women in the Berlin -S&M- Studio AVALON on theire  journey between lust and pain.
Together with Arlis he offers sensual journeys or even cruel experiences also for men and couples. The ShibariBar was created with a lot of passion by them dedicated to for sessions, trainings and enjoyful partys.



Sunset Massage

A relaxed way to finish your xplore Friday evening.

skin - ropes - oil - pleasure