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Ottokar Lehrner

Ottokar Lehrner

His Workshop:

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Ottokar Lehrner has been an actor and director for the past 20 years.

    • Classic acting education in Vienna,
    • Film- and method acting education with Rae Allen, Susan Batson, Susanne Geyer
    • Movie directing education at the New York Film Academy, script writer.
    • Participation in numerous films, tv, theatre in Berlin, Vienna, Munich, New York
    • Solo Projects “Mozart”, “Rimbaud”, “Schiele”, “Villon”, “De Sade”.
    • Readings, performances. Teaching,
    • Leading role as part of “United Kingdom” by Compagnie Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V. at schwelle7 Berlin
    • concept and director of the "changing reality project" in 2009 at schwelle7 Berlin

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Dirty Talk ottokar-darkside_26.11_06

or the art of giving way to your fantasies

 With some simple exercices Ottokar shows how to trick your Inner Censor, how we can let things develop in us and communicate them: things that are erotic, provocative, poetic, absurd, liberating, down and dirty and often also very, very funny..

Originality, charme and attraction are often linked to the capacity of following your real impulses, to express what is on your lips, what is going on in your heart or in your panties. It is about courage and authenticity.

It can be a big turn on and very liberating to realize sexual fantasies using language, to light the spark of desire by creative talk, alone, as a couple or with others.