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Atma Pöschl


Her Workshop:

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Atma Pöschl works as a bodywork therapist in Vienna. She is educated in intimate therapist-massage, process-oriented bodywork and integrative body-psychotherapy, trained at UC Los Angeles. In her work she accompanies the connoisseur, but also especially people with exposure to violence and without experiences with touching, on their way to a sexuality that is satisfying on all levels.

Atmas special interest as a bodywork therapist focuses on dealing with strong emotions. In this, she is neither interested in BDSM as an identity, nor as a mask to hide behind. She comprehends BDSM as on out of many ways of a deep touch and encounter. Differentiating between holy/dark sex in her opinion is unnecessary and destructive: “holy” is rooted in “hole” in a sense of “complete”; light and shadow, wave crest - wave trough and all of the nuances of the colorful range of emotions. This honest contact (with ourselves) means being alive and growth, also in our sexuality.

Atma leads the open group “BDSM / Holy Sexuality” in Vienna. She also facilitates courses and coachings internationally. Her seminars as well as individual-work are lessons, in which the body can be experienced as a door to lust, self awareness, and stillness.




A Dance of LimitsAtma-WS

... because our emotions wander through our souls in pairs in constant embracement: the loved and the unloved, which we strive to avoid.

Our body stores so called “negative memories” and becomes stiff, numb and impassible. With physical closeness those frozen feelings can resurface. And this is, what healing means: to be ourselves with all of our emotions.

A slap in the face. What do I feel, just before the hand meets my cheek? What emotions surface, while I strike out with my hand? What happens in this in-between space, before those two bodies of ours meet each other? In this workshop we will explore, what it means to accept the process of our emotions. “Violence” in German arises out of the Old High German word “waltan”, meaning the strength to change something deep within. That is exactly, what we want to achieve! So we play with devotion and vulnerability, with (dis)like, sadness, anxiety, pain and all the nuances of the colorful range of emotions. Whatever there is, it is ok.

In this workshop you will explore both roles: the beating one and the beaten one. You decide yourself how far you want to accept physical touch: every touch from eye contact, via caressing touch up to beating can touch deeply, thrill on an erotic level or hurt. Our goal is neither beating nor physical pain, but a deep and honest encounter with yourself.