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Maggie Tapert


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The internationally known sexpert Maggie Tapert has been leading her own brand of unique seminars and workshops for twenty years.

Her pioneering work in the field of female sexuality is based on an investigation of individual sexual desire, aiding women in strengthening their inner core and integrating balance and inner peace. Her practical and playful approach to expanded orgasm has led  thousands of women to uncover the spiritual dimensions of their sexual expression.

Now in her sixties, Maggie Tapert was born in the USA and spent most of her adult life in Switzerland. She is mother, grandmother and has a private practice in Zurich.

Her autobiography PLEASURE - Bekenntnisse eine sexuellen Frau, was published in German language by Südwest Verlag.




Sex GuruMaggie-Sex Guru

Swami Maggienanda began the life of a wandering mendicant slut, in search of sexual fulfillment, at an unusually early age. Though as a young girl Maggienanda gained recognition for her sensual attainments, Swami Maggienanda often says that her sexual journey didn't truly begin until she received sexual shaktipat, spiritual/sexual initiation, from the wandering holy man Baba Felixsamba. It was then that Maggienanda's sexual energy was truly awakened and she was drawn into profound states of orgasm. Nine years later Maggienanda attained the state of God-realization while vibrating continuously.

In Xplore 2012, on her Guru's behalf, Swami Maggienanda brings the venerable tradition of her master's lineage to Berlin, giving the previously little-known sexual shaktipat initiation to untold thousands of sexual seekers.
In this one-time-only workshop, meet Swami Maggienanda in person as she shares the wisdom of her sexual tradition.
Bring flowers and coins to place before the Guru.

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