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Udo Treide


His Workshop:

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Udo Treide is a Tao Teacher for 20 years, especially he is teaching the Tao of Healing Love and Sex;  numerous workshops, groups, conferences and articles about Tao Yoga; long personal experience with the taoist "Secrets of the Inner Chamber" of ancient china. Many years training of health-oriented genital weight-lifting. Taoist inner organs massage (Chi Nei Tsang) and genital massage (Karsai Nei Tsang) practitioner and teacher.

"Senior Instructor" in the Universal Tao of Mantak Chia (Thailand); also independent teaching at Tao Garden, Health Center, Chiang Mai (Thailand). Many years assisting Mantak Chia there and in Germany.




Genital ChiUdo-WS

The workshop gives an introduction into the „weight-lifting qi gong“ for men and women. A very old chinese method to cultivate the „inner chamber“. It is part of the traditional „arts of the bedchamber“ which was practiced also by taoist monks and nunns. In the martial arts this method helps male and femal practitioners to develop and strengthen „inner power“.

Weights are fixed to the genitals and qi gong exercises performed. So all inner body-structures, tendons, fasciae, organs from clitoris/penis up to the tip of the tongue are strengthend. The qi-flow in the meridians is regulated. A real gift for good health and sustainable love-power.

In the workshop the method will be demonstrated and explained. Who ever wants can test it him-/herself under supervision.

In that case you need:
Women: 1 small silk-cloth and a drilled jade-egg
Men: 1 narrow, thin silk-cloth (1m length)
Cloth and egg can be purchased at the workshop.

The weight-lifting is surrounded by energy- and breathing-exercises (Qi Gong of healing love) and by massage-exercises for the qi-flow.

Active workshop: warm-up and relaxation for the whole day.