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An early interest in the cultural patterns of human relationships, gender and sexuality lead Vesna to her profound preoccupation with mythology, astrology, movies and other cultural systems of representation. Along the way she explored various paths of body awareness such as Martial Arts, Dance, Yoga and last but not least the world of BDSM.

She works now as an astrological counsellor and coach, also giving workshops on archetypes in astrology and movies and writing about gender representations in ancient myths as well as in their modern successor, the movie.

Her latest field of research are the sexual preferences and likings of the signs of the zodiac.




Kinky PlanetsVesna-Kali-Lilith-Furien

Are Cancer people into age play? Do Fishes have a foot fetish and are those born under Gemini all dirty talkers? Does Scorpio enjoy sex only in a dungeon?

  It is not that simple…

Our perversions are as distinct as planet constellations are intricate. Nevertheless it is possible to discover our fetishes, preferences and sexual practices in our individual horoscope and to connect them to particular elements of the Zodiac.

  This workshop is meant to provide a first glimpse into the erotic appetites, sexual motivations and – last but not least – favourite props of the Zodiac signs. And I’d like to invite you to play with all the different roles and energies.