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Andreas Demmel


His Workshop:

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Born in conservative and catholic Bavaria, I had the great opportunity to work myself out of a lot of narrowness, taboos and restrictions.

In Bavaria it was kind of normal to on the one hand dominate other beings and then consume parts (“products”) of their recreational processes (eggs/milk) or even themselves (meat). On the other hand it was also normal to suppress transgenerational traumas from the wars that also included our domination over the Jews and other people. And it was also kind of normal to talk about spirituality without talking about the joy of sexuality.

As I became more and more interested in the actual process, and what it needs that people can free themselves from the parts of their cultural and family imprints they suffer from, I was endlessly interested in discovering all kinds of forms where this change takes place also in connection to my personal process.

I travelled for almost three years and collected what was needed. During this time, I was living in the mountains, learning about gardening, studying nutrition, engaging in dance and performance practices, increasingly working with text as writer and translator, experiencing community living, community building, discovering sexuality and my deep desires around it, studying systemic constellation work and holotropic breathwork, doing somatic and yoga practice and observing what is happening in the body through my meditation practice.

Now living in Berlin, I started in cooperation with others to weave these things together in an exhilarating way.

Im intrigued by the potential the combinations of BDSM and systemic constellation work offers as a catalyzing organism to transform persistent collective/cultural dynamics of misguided power and domination by exploring these dynamics and transcending them.




BDSM is TherapyAndreas Demmel-WS

The combination of emotional, sensual and sexual exploration with principles from systemic constellation work offers infinite possibilities.

It can be used to nourish and deepen your play by inviting concrete characters out of your fantasy into your play, but can also be used to meet and review critical or shocking parts of your explorations to simulate and re-integrate them in a safe environment.

And sometimes … or even mostly these two extremes are very close to each other!

In this workshop there will be opportunity to bring a character or element out of your fear, fantasy or desires into the room and explore the movements that arise when both of you meet.

This element can be human and non-human, it can originate from stories, movies, archetypes or your own fantasy. It can also be a transpersonal or philosophical element like wind, fire or a particular emotion or entity that you want to meet.

Take what you most desire, take what you are most afraid of !

In this workshop nothing has to happen, but everything can happen.

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