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Jytte is a creative, organised and rather particular submission-positive feminist with a background in massage and perception research who has a long time ago decided to never let go of child-like wonder at what is big and beautiful. She loves dead-serious play, true smiles, abandon, physicality, and having her mind fucked with. She also loves kneeling.




On your knees!Jytte-Knien

The knee is made flexible by which the offence of the Lord is mitigated, wrath appeased, grace called forth.
(St. Ambrose of Mailand: Hexaemeron, VI, ix.)

Like no other gesture going down onto one's knees before another signifies hierarchy and power exchange. Motivations for kneeling can be varied, though: There is submission, yes, as the kneeling position clearly renders a person defenseless and unable to flee, but also a show of respect towards a superior, the dedication of one's strength to the purpose of another (think of a knight laying down his sword before his liege) or religious abandon or ritual, where it is the position assumed in worship to receive a sacrament or blessing. One can kneel out of weakness, or out of a position of strength.

In this workshop I would like to explore these various motivations, and also have a look at how the other person's position in space influences the meaning of the gesture: How does it make one feel if the other is standing or sitting or kneeling him/herself? What is the difference between kneeling alone or in a group, and how does it change the experience whether one is made to kneel as opposed to sinking to one's knees out of one's own deep desire?