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Paradoxa: place of birth: Germany
has lived in stuttgart, linosa, bologna and berlin
adventurous, curious researcher of the worlds of the body and of the people
filmmaker, life-artist, holistic healer practitioner




Pressure for Pleasureiro-WS

To push, to press, to pinch, to squeeze: pressure is pleasure.

The tight, the dense, th compressed calls for relief, relaxation and widening.

We will exert pressure with our weight: on the bones, the jaw joint, on all tense, tight and even on relaxed points: tender & intense, targeted & intuitive, while listening to pulse and breath while deeply connecting with our partner.

We will experiment with what pleases us and with what does not, giving and taking, with extensions into lust for pain and pain for lust.

Will we feel rage and when? And then, do we want more?? We will give more.

Can you enjoy pain? To breath, to groan, to scream, to purr....what is your language?
Action and noise, movement and voice, all is welcome...

Fear of and longing for pain. Even silence, slowness and consciousness may have space.

An active, stimulating workshop with Paradoxa, an awakener with side effects: good morning!