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Paola & Grzegorz


Their Workshop:

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Paola and Grzegorz are film makers living in Berlin. They are interested in the depiction of intimacy, the translation of Sexual Play into moving images and how the camera can let behind a voyeuristic position and become part of a scene. Currently they are working on a “fictional playful documentary” about schwelle7 Berlin

Photo: © Phillip Kaminiak




Intimacy on the Screen

Images of self made porn proliferate on private camcorders and hard drives and are often the most popular clips on websites such as Youporn. There seems to be a certain authenticity in amateur porn that professional productions with their stereotype dramaturgy and superhuman bodies can not provide. And some how there seems to be an interest and excitement in the self observation and self documentation of one’s own body in sexual activity and states of arousal. The act of recording, the capture of an image, the potential viewer seems to heat up the sexual play. Besides the lust for voyeurism and exhibitionistic self-display one should not underestimate the dominant power of the camera in this play.

Paola’s and Grzegorz's xplore intervention tries to have a closer look at the “fetish” of the filmed image and the catalyst effect of the camera. They offer an additional element in this play with the visual lust: A small film crew behind the camera. They will prepare a film set with professional equipment and lightning, where xplore guests are invited to experiment with sensual and/or sexual activities in front of a camera. They can present themselves alone, as a couple or in small groups whilst freely deciding what they want to expose and and how they want to show. Afterwards the material will be viewed together and discussed.

What is the beauty about performing intimacy for a camera? Is real intimacy possible when there is an outside eye? How does the perspective of giving intimate acts a future on a screen does change them?
What are the difficulties and what are the benefits of taking distance from your own body and looking at it from the outside.