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Mara explores: culture, bodies and identities. She studied art history, literature and all kind of humanities, dived into psychology and psychiatry, is a cultural worker and sexological body worker in training.
Her favorite passion is the study of mankind in cultural, artistic and embodied practice.
In individual coaching sessions, workshops and cultural projects she explores individual and social structures of body and space, to align body and mind, feeling and thinking, private and public.
Alongside the sibpair poetry and trauma she travels through the landscapes of happy non-knowledge and merciless uncertainty.
She pays tribute to sexuality as creative, absurd and aesthetical being that reveals inner necessity and potential external.





I wash my hands in innocence, right alongside yours.

Prostitution is everywhere. "I'd rather sell my ass than get fucked by my boss" the boys and girls of the Freie Nuttenfront are shouting.
Whether you feel like a strutting or a crawling alley cat, when you offer your body for sale, your man power to the corporation or your integrity to strategic advantage, is all up to your composure.
Whether you're a holy whore, a humiliated hustler, a confident callboy, a tramp from next door or a cultivated courtesan while servicing the stranger and how much pleasure you allow yourself to get out of it is all tied to your longing and willing.
On the other side, employing these body-focused services is tied to a number of moral pitfalls as well and allows glances into the sensitive popular soul as well as your own self-image.

Prostitution is a deal that can be fair but doesn't need to be.
Which side pays the higher price is often a matter of perspective and not always easy to compair.
Who's the one getting fucked in your case, you will negotiate open and jointly.
Whether the deal is an empathic togetherness or a provocative testing of borders all becomes revealed during the game.
Sensual imagination and courage are required to create a space that opens up for fearful reservations and pleasurable desire and allows mutual revelation. Whether you're the whore or the john is yet to be determined - no one gets around picking up their tab.