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Maren & Michael


Their Workshop:

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Michael Hartenfels and Maren Emde

Since eleven years, they live as a couple in an open relationship. Leader of the „Paradiesprojekt“ in Frankfurt and Berlin, emphasis on conscious and free love, community, honesty and intimacy between people. Courses, open evenings, performances and advice.

Michael works since many years as therapist and group leader. He is a freethinker who knows how to combine the longing for community with the longing for individual expression. 

Maren works as adviser, „love teacher“ and group leader.  Both create trusting spaces trough a radical and sensitive love of truth.




Erotic GroupScape

Emotions and sexuality / Workshop about hidden feelings and energy patterns in groups

Feelings in relationship, artistic and group work are often ignored because almost no one can and wants to deal with the stuff that is coming up. But this is the point where it becomes exiting. We pass over feelings in order to easily make contact, sexual satisfaction or closeness. Already an eye contact can disturb the action or sensuality because we start to feel.

Allowed feelings invite you to a voyage of discovery to the own depth and the depth of your playmate. Playful, immediate intimacy can happen.

Closeness and distance, rhythm and the precise perception and altering of borders can be experienced. Unexpected sensual landscapes in the group may develop, stuck sexual patterns shift.


This workshop makes possible a trace searching to the own unconscious feelings and those I am triggering in others. How does sensual contact looks like, when I start to be authentic on the emotional level? When „real“ love, hate or need color my action? What can I do with anger or resignation? Which depth has it to go in contact „consciously“? How can groups create consciousness, when they act free? Which treasures of intimacy, contact and sensuality wait for us, when we allow them to appear?

We will set up energetic installations with the whole group playfully, emphasis on „sexual phantasies“. In this settings, you get to know the background of your individual sensual landscape. Everyone can every time decide whether he or she wants to be actor or spectator. „Disturbances“ are particularly welcome, for they usually provide the missing information for the whole.

This Workshop will be held in German only!