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Moira & Tua


Their Workshop:

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Moira und Tua are a couple since eleven years. Tua met Moira first in 1996 on a SM-party, it was love at the first hit.

Moira is praticing BDSM since 1989 with a lot of joy and passion, first only dominant and in the last years also submissive. She is domina, french maid, actress and director of fetish movies and presenter of BDSM workshops.

Tua enjoys BDSM as a multikinky switchslut. He is involved in Moiras movie projects, wrote many stories for the Schlagzeilen and published his book Atemberaubend in Christine Janson Verlag. Meeting Moira opened many new dimensions to his life. He could unfold his female parts, extend the borders of pain, increase his lust and celebrate his animal urges.

Moira and Tua connects an intense and vivid love in which they explored and developed many aspects of BDSM. They often celebrate these experiences and teach their knowledge in workshops.
At the moment they are exploring latex as part of their X-Gummi-Pur film project.
Moira designs her sensational latex outfits herself.
Tua is enthusiastically engaged in latex masks, bondage in latex and photography on this topic.

In 2011 they did their first workshop about CBT at the xplore Berlin. This year they are going to explore the magic of latex, a material which already accompanied their voyage through the different BDSM universes a long time. They are fascinated by the touch of latex and want to infect their participants with their enthusiasm about this outstanding material.




Latex - The Special Feeling

In their workshop latex – the special feeling Moira and Tua are going to talk about the stimulating and fantastic possibilities to integrate latex into SM sessions. Latex opens up a totally new way of transformation through dressing up and wearing masks made of latex.


In their workshop Moira and Tua first show a short session in latex to give their participants a visual glance concerning the topic and to give them the possibility to get an emotional access to latex and masks. Then Moira is going to demonstrate different latex masks on Tua and show their special functions from breath control to transformation into an animal.

In the second part of their workshop some oft he participants can explore the very exciting feeling of latex on their own skin. They can also experience how it feels to be imprisoned in latex. Questions about the care and design of latexoutfits are possible, too.

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