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Christopher Gottwald - actor and director
For 20 years I've been seeking for
… a way to live love in a way that is free and open, yet committed.
... people who are fond of touching encounters.
I've found more than that with Polyamory.




Contact & Poly

Polyamorie - The basic idea of polyamory (translated as „loving many“) is to allow love to many persons at a time,to have several intimate connections, be it a primary one with some secondaries, many equal relationships or a communal multiple constellation. Honesty, mindfulness and empathy anmong all those involved play an important role: allowing our beloved ones to be free - both physically and emotionally: that's what it is all about.

If that happens, there is a chance to meet people without preconceptions, opening a space here and now for a mutual discovery of what we're interested in experiecing with eachother and where that could lead us - independantly of anybody else we know and feel committed to. There might be a sexual aspect to this - or not.
Fear and politeness can dissolve and make room for deep encounters - not only with one single human being.

Contact Improvisation is a Contemporary Dance form that takes the initial impulse for movement from touch.
Two or more dancers find a point of contact from which they start to roll around eachother, lean into eachother and move through space together. This may lead into anything from rolling and romping on the floor to high flying acrobatics.
No special physical skill, no particular strength and no previous experience are needed to start with.

Dancers learn to communicate through touch, to listen as well as initiate movement. The more familiar they get, the more they trust in gravity, the support of the floor and eachother, the intimacy of this encounter, the more easlily they will be able to dive into a never ending river of movement. With everybody contributing according their personal abilities the dance is born from the very moment, changing and renewing every instant - diving into the unexpected, the unimagined.

How can Polyamory and Contact Improvisation profit from and inform one another?
What does it feel like to be part of a three- or foursome, a multiple relationship?
To what limits of touch and intimacy will it take me?


Poly & Contact

...can possibly answer some of these questions to one another.
We would like to offer a room for people from both movements to meet, play, share, exchange, investigate and learn from eachother.