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Kai Ehrhardt


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Kai Ehrhardt (born '68) Kai Ehrhardt is a therapist and teacher devoted to the integration of breath, body awareness, sexuality and spirituality. In individual sessions, he brings 13 years of experience to his work as a sexual healer, breath therapist, coach and erotic masseur. He works and lives in Berlin and NYC.

Kai was trained at the Middendorf Breath Institutes San Francisco and Berlin (Jörg Roffler and Prof. Ilse Middendorf), at the Body Electric School, Oakland and The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco. He studied with numerous holistic pioneers (Radical Healing with Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, Continuum with Emily Conrad, Integral Consciousness with Ken Wilber).

Authentic Eros is the product of all of these influences and aims to create spaces in which sexuality and embodiment can be experienced as essential vital resources that expand the potential of interpersonal encounter as well as cultivate, from bones to spirit, a transparent, ecstatic and free experience of one's own Self.




Ouroborus – From Tongue to Tailkai-ouroboros

Each of us carries billions of years of an ongoing global process, a sequenced continuum of life on Earth. Our animal nature and evolution (its history and potency) are always with us - no matter how identified we are with human law, morals and social code.

We are basically fluid beings that have arrived on land. All living processes owe their lineage to the movement of water. Our implicate, preexistent memory, beginning with the first cell, lies in the mysterious, aquatic deep.

Amongst other modes of communication, water communicates through movement, particularly undulating wave motion, spirals and whirls. With movements, the resonance of sounds and the dexterity of breath, we engage the ancient history stored in the water of our tissues, dissolving constraint and welcoming the liberation of the entire person at every level.

Through sensate diving into our midline/spine, which reaches from tongue to tail, we begin an extraordinary awakening to the fullness of what it means to be alive. This fullness produces a highly erotic state that engages the entire body, which in turn feels very nourishing and satisfying. We connect to our passion and fierceness, while being receptive to the dynamics of the surrounding context. We enter Eros as the climate for health.

And we can experience the interconnection of our own origins with the larger currents of all orga(ni)smic life, ultimately layered into the intricacies of human form.

The tongue functions as the “higher octave” of the spinal column. It also connects us to our reptilian history still needing water (saliva) to “live in”. It accesses a field before our human story began. Developmentally, it is preverbal.

The tongue and the soft pallet are a centerpiece of Eastern spiritual traditions. The tongue acts as a catalyst for all the soft tissue. The more activity is in the soft tissue, the more movement variation is in the tongue.

The ultimate wisdom of the tongue and tail is revealed in the reenactment of the Uroborus/Ouroborus, the ancient symbol depicting a serpent swallowing its own tail. The serpent swallowing its tail is describing unified consciousness. It is C.G. Jungs “Mysterium Coniunctionis“ (Mystery of the Conjunction), a fractal of the act of creation, with which we can come into resonance.