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Cornelia Jönsson

Cornelia Jönsson

Her Workshop:

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Cornelia Jönsson was born about 30 years ago in the woods in Southwest Germany. Now she is grounded in the city of Berlin. She has a degree in theater studies, philosophy and psychology. Now she works as a novelist and has made her profession go well with her social skills: giving therapy to people by making them write for their health.

She’s interested in social minority groups and spiritual abysses, so especially in the many faces of love and erotic that can rise between people.

Books by Cornelia Jönsson are, for example: „Spieler wie wir“, „Lust auf Schmerz“, „Fischfang“ and „111 Gründe, offen zu lieben“.

She lives polyamory in practice, but also on paper (what means scientifically as well as literarily)...




Polyamory: Be manifoldcornelia-buch

Polyamory does neither mean to believe nor to expect that one person could be everything you wish and this forever. Polyamory means: maybe forever, but manifoldly, so with more than one person. Polyamory is more than one love, more than one sexual partner, more than one relationship.

Manifolded loves and multiple relationships are wonderful – and they are exhausting, challenging, demanding, complicated, dramatic and scathing.

Let’s go bushwhacking together through the djungle of loves.

(Please don’t expect so much body language as feeling, thinking, talking and of course, writing.)