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To describe Anja, the best words you can use are: powerful and life-affirming. She is a woman who has recognised her potential and who has been living it with dedication since. She does this in a soft and vulnerable way, but she is also carried by energy and clarity.

Anja combines her passion for submission with child-like curiosity for human live and its dark corners. She loves to view live as a game, full of depth, love and presence in the moment.

Yoga means for her to bring the world with its multilayered levels down to the mat:
She is trained in Hatha Yoga, but today teaches Vinyasa flow and partner yoga.

In addition, Anja has a deep connection to LOMI LOMI NUI massages. It offers her the opportunity to express the need for inner and outer touch.

Anja is also trained in „holistic integrative breathwork therapy ", a therapy enabling access to forgotten or hidden emotions, using breath.

These types of bodywork are less occupation than vocation for Anja.

Anja lives and works in Berlin and has found a second home in schwelle7.




Naked Partner-Yoga with ANJA + ANCSA

The workshop is presenting the opportunity for you to strengthen your inner well being, find quietness and calmness of your mind and develop an inner relationship with yourself and others.

Calmly flowing sequences are becoming a unity through connection with your breath. With every deep breath, you will get closer to your body and at the same time you will learn to become more open and present with your partner. A quality enabling real connection – on all levels.

Nude partner Yoga will also support us to be finding our own boundaries in an vivid and loving way. By accepting of what is, we will rediscover ourselves, will turn insecurities into zest for life, awaken muscles that may have been asleep for some time and conquer joy of life and sensuality.

Being in a very natural state – naked – with yourself and other is liberating. There’s nothing more to hide, nothing to be emphasized. There’s just pure being, joy and pleasure!

Yoga is: Straightening and surrender at the same time. A mutual interplay. Find out what this can mean for you. .Xp08 nakedYoga-001

This workshop will be coached by Anja together with her co-teacher Ancsa ( It is taught in German with English translation.

Please bring a towel.  Come by yourself or as a couple (You will also find a partner easily).