James & Sarah Swank




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Sixteen years ago James let go of the life he was living and began a search for happiness and fulfillment. Six years later Sarah joined him on that path. Together they have defined a way of looking at the world and a personal practice based on honesty, courage, consciousness, and self-responsibility that achieves that goal. They have a coaching practice that offers sessions, groups, and trainings that help people transform their lives. They call this work and this practice Deep Living.

James has written two books, Deep Living: A practical path to happiness and fulfillment through honesty, courage, consciousness, and self-responsibility and Remembrances for Deep Living. As well, they have founded a living community of people interested in this way of life in Berlin, Germany.

James and Sarah have also created the School for Shy Men, which helps men gain the confidence that will make them more attractive to women by providing practical information about, and experience with, women through direct contact with the school’s female teachers.

For more information about

- James and Sarah go to: www.jamesswank.org
- Deep Living go to: www.deepliving.org
- the Deep Living Community go to: www.deepliving-community.de
- the School for Shy Men go to: www.sfsm.de